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Give us your best and we will do the same. The best Registered Representatives and Advisors can choose which Broker/Dealer they want to partner with. We want to partner with you, which is why we do all we can to make sure Chelsea Financial Services is a great place to work.

Why Chelsea?

Chelsea is different from other broker/dealers in the way it maintains an objective viewpoint concerning all securities. We recognize the fact that there are thousands of investment opportunities available to the public. Neither financial professionals, nor the clients they represent, should feel restricted to traditional marketable securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

We make every effort to offer products that inspire opportunities across all sectors of the economy. Our goal is to offer our Registered Representatives, Brokers, and Financial Advisers a wide variety of products so they may introduce them to their clients as diversification tools.

Today there are more than 5000 active broker/dealers in the United States. We believe there are only a select few that embrace a business model similar to Chelsea Financial. Our emphasis on service is designed to exceed expectations. With Branch, OSJ and Technology support, you can be assured that Chelsea Financial is a great place to work.

Find out what our reps have to say about Chelsea in Letters from our Brokers and via our Google Reviews.


The Chelsea Team will provide you with detailed assistance in making a smooth transition. Our transition team will walk you through every step of the process and provide you with the most positive experience possible. The team will also be there for you after the transition is complete to make sure you are comfortable with our policies, procedures, staff and resources. Team members will assist in specific areas during the process.

These areas include:

Our transition process includes:

1. A unique transition plan and specific timeline to help you in the process.

2. Extensive training to help ensure you have a full understanding of forms and procedures.

3. Clear instruction for completing client paperwork.

4. Assistance in completing and updating any licensing & registration materials you may need, including advisor and insurance needs.

5. The transfer of client accounts will be monitored from start to finish. This includes assisting in the completion of ACAT documents, our receipt of your transfer of paperwork, arrival of individual assets and transfer completions.

6. Development of Client Notification Letters and the appropriate transfer paperwork.


We will supply support and training on every aspect of your business, from the day you decide to join us until you feel comfortable with the transition. We want you to be confident in doing business with us.

Growing Your Practice

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You are a trusted professional for your clients and a business owner. Depending on the size of your practice you may be involved in the marketing, product development, client relations, bookkeeping, training and other tasks.

As an affiliate of Chelsea Financial, your small business benefits by being a part of a support network of other small businesses. The most successful representatives are not satisfied with maintaining basic levels of achievement.

As your broker/dealer, we accept the responsibility to help you with the challenges of operating, and assisting you in the growth of your business. We have developed a unique team approach to all areas of problem solving.

Clearing through Hilltop Securities

Currently the 3rd largest clearing house in the U.S., our Partner Hilltop Securities manages over 1B in assets and has over 63 years of BD clearing and support.


Visit our Hilltop Securities pages to learn more:

About Hilltop Securities  |  Hilltop Securities History

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