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Chelsea Financial Supports Financial Literacy in Minority Communities


Chelsea Financial Services is proud to announce their support of Startup Advisory Group’s Investment Community with a donation to provide much needed textbooks and recommended reading for its inaugural 40 Members.

“This amazing group was started by one of my previous Financial Advisors.” stated John Pisapia, President of Chelsea Financial Services ( “Jeffery Derose started this community group to help minorities learn how the financial system works with the practical goal of helping Members learn the fundamentals of investing and trading.”

Derose, a seasoned financial professional, simply wanted to help minority families “change their outcomes” by bringing financial knowledge to an underserved community. When Derose left Chelsea Financial Services, he started a web design company, Startup Advisory Group, 4 years ago. Although he is no longer a Financial Advisor, Derose knew that his Registered Representative experience expressly prepared him for this new challenge.

“I launched this first community group only a few months ago,” added Derose. “and already, we have 40 Members actively learning and engaged in the stock market. It’s fantastic to see their hunger for knowledge about finance turn into the beginning steps of building wealth. In fact, “wealth-building” was something many of our Members never even thought was possible for them; they didn’t know where to turn to get the guidance and training necessary to take those first steps.”

The ultimate goal of the group is to help minority communities build generational wealth via sound financial education, mentoring and coaching, primarily in trading and investments. The program utilizes content from TD Ameritrade’s learning center along with instruction on other popular research tools and information sources to help members generate ideas for their investment strategies.

“By week three of the program, members are already generating investment ideas independently, and many are doing their first trades by Week 4.” stated Derose. Once trading starts, the group doesn’t end; the mentoring continues indefinitely. Recommended books begin what is hopefully a lifelong effort of continuous learning and constant improvement.

Derose is a longtime resident of Staten Island, NY, where Chelsea Financial Services is based. “I approached Chelsea Financial, my previous employer, and they immediately stepped up to provide the funds for various books and support materials for the group.” added Derose. “There is no fee for joining nor attending, plus, now they can use the money they would have needed to spend on books to actually invest in their future!”

Please join Chelsea Financial Services in supporting Startup Advisory Group’s Investment Community and their already life-changing program launch. Any additional funds raised will be used to enhance their current program while providing the financial support to expand to other geographic areas with online/on-demand learning. Donations can be made via Paypal to To find out more about the group or to enroll, please contact Jeffrey Derose at

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