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"Brothers in the Sky" - a 9/11 tribute poem by Rick Saltarelli

On a clear September morning, as commuters passed me by
Tragedy struck and took from us, Our brothers in the sky
It happened in a second, this attack from those who hate
9-1-1 was a city’s cry….It also was the date
Another that will live in infamy, like in 1941
But the thousands of lives that were lost this day, were mothers, fathers, daughters, sons

Steel gray turned a fiery red, black smoke filled blue sky
Panic in the streets below, as our brothers began to die
The heat so hot it melted steel that kept our brothers strong
Little did a city know they’d be gone before too long
It was just too much for them to stand, these brothers tall and true
But I thought they’d live forever, that they were indestructible….didn’t you?

One hundred and ten stories high, multiplied by two
Observation deck, Windows on the World, the most magnificent view
Nine bridges, count them….maybe more, as far as the eye could see
They’d glisten by day and sparkle at night from the Bronx to the Battery
And standing proudly in the harbor below, a beacon for all to see
The symbol of America’s freedom, our Lady of Liberty
Protected by her brothers two from a short distance nearby
But now they’re gone and she’s all alone….is that a tear in our Lady’s eye?

Two bullets struck the twins that day and wounded a nations heart
A madman and his followers hoped to tear our country apart
But you’ll never take our spirit, no matter how you try
And we’ll make you pay for taking from us, our brothers in the sky
Nearly thirty years they stood there, tall and proud for the world to see
But we can’t ever visit our brothers again, not the world….not you….not me
They were born in the greatest city in the world, grew side by side, twin brothers
But we watched them crumble to the ground that day, first one….and then the other

It was New York’s Bravest and Finest who were first to arrive that day
Putting safety of others above their own through the rubble and smoke and flames
And we couldn’t have been prouder of our men and women in blue
Many who gave their lives that day for strangers they never knew
Now we’ll never forget those heroes, or the lives that were lost that day
They say that time it heals all wounds, but I’m afraid this one will stay
Cause our hearts are truly broken now, tears in our eyes, we cry
Gone from our sight but not our hearts, our brothers in the sky

©2001 Rick Saltarelli
Registered Representative
Chelsea Financial Services

Image of the Twin Towers by Rick Saltarelli

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