At Chelsea Financial, we focus on each of our clients' specific investment needs. Whether you're just starting to secure your financial future, or you're already actively investing, we can guide you on the path to invest for your world...Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Chelsea Financial Services is a full service, fast growing brokerage house located in Staten Island, New York. We clear through First Southwest Company in Dallas, TX an Investment banking firm established in 1946. First Southwest was formed with the belief that excellence in investment banking is not exclusive to Wall Street: that a dedicated team could serve the financial needs of a business community with extraordinary integrity and class better than the biggest and best firms in New York.

At Chelsea Financial we hold to those same beliefs, offering our brokers a work friendly, independent environment in which to service their client's needs. We understand that the key to success depends largely on the quality of service we can provide to these brokers. Since we do not sponsor proprietary products, there is no pressure to sell any specific product line. That leaves our financial planners free to choose what is in the best interest of their clients.

Chelsea Financial Services offers a full range of products that include stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds and CDs and we are constantly expanding our product base.